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Who Are The Grocery Runners?

The Grocery Runners is a software platform designed for retail grocery chains who want to offer highly-trained grocery delivery drivers to their consumers. Our SaaS integrates directly into the retailer's online checkout process giving consumers a delivery option for a seamless shopping experience.

  • Fulfilled tens of thousands of orders-to-date
  • Generate a Monthly Recurring Revenue of $6K
  • We currently deliver for 3 retailers in over 5 states, with 3 more retailers in the pipeline
  • Fully integrated, leading edge technology and logistics
  • Nationwide & international B2B business model

Our Brand


We deliver groceries, smiles and the future to your front door!

Mission Statement

To be a values based world leader in grocery delivery innovation

Character & Core Values

For the People: Customers first!

Philanthropy: A company that gives back

Authentic: Team Empowerment & Diversity

Game Changing: Innovation

The Problem

eCommerce is the future and as many 31% of US consumers routinely buy groceries online. Grocery retailers across the nation are:

  • Actively looking to add grocery delivery to their clients shop online experience
  • Struggling to find an easy solution for delivery
  • Heavily invested in their Curbside Pickup programs and want to integrate delivery to expand their investment

The Solution

We are a Last Mile Platform technology & bring a sought after capability, Grocery Delivery, to retailers. Our SaaS platform integrates the home delivery option into the grocery stores online interface. Behind the scenes, we dispatch our highly trained drivers to pick up and then deliver to the customers' front door.

Why Invest?

1. We Are Scaling Now

We have strong grocery industry partnerships which includes delivering for a Fortune 400 Company
with national retail chains across the country. We are expanding rapidly and are ready to maximize growth

2. Consumers Are Falling in Love with Online Grocery Shopping

Online shopping and delivery is the future. Over 70% of Americans have tried online grocery shopping with 31% buying regularly. Delivering groceries is a fast growing market, and since 2015, we have learned a lot about our consumers. Seniors, busy moms and families are just some of the people who love us when we deliver smiles to their front door.

Who do we serve?

3. Our Technology Integrates Easily with Grocery Retailers

Our tech is designed to integrate seamlessly into a grocer’s website or app with a few lines of code. Within a matter of days we can get a customer up & running offering "Delivery" at their online checkout and it gives the customer the ability to track their delivery in real time!

4. We are Expanding into New Markets Rapidly

The Grocery Runners is already in 5 states servicing Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, & South Dakota. We have several new pipeline opportunities to add 3 more states this year along with more retailers so we can meet our goal of a half million deliveries by 2020.

5. The Grocery Delivery Market is Growing Fast

The online grocery industry is booming with the annual curbside pickup market growing to $7B by 2021, and by 2025, the industry expects that 20% of all groceries will be purchased online. We stand to capture a strong share of the delivery portion by partnering with retail grocery chains across North America.

Who Are Our Retail Customers & Partners?

We build relationships. We already have accounts with several retail chains around the country with more launches to come. Small-to-Medium size retailers are the fastest growing segment as they too want to keep pace with with the big box chains. We bring the technology and help to build this capability into their grocery operations.

Our eCommerce partners focus on bringing grocery stores online for their digital shopping interface. They are often asked about delivery which is not their core competency. We benefit from their referrals as the preferred delivery solution.

Meet the Team:

Bryan is an entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in major market FM Radio Broadcasting. He was a VP of Programming in charge of all on-air content for stations in New York, Miami, Puerto Rico, Madrid and Barcelona. As CEO of TGR, he sets their vision & strategy, runs daily operations, does business development and manages their technology.

Vanessa is TGR’s Brand & Creative Director managing product innovation, client services, and user experience. She also comes with significant corporate experience working for Procter & Gamble in Product Design & Global Innovation. She’s worked on Pampers and Always, two billion dollar brands.

Nelson is TGR’s Chief Financial Officer who manages their operating budget, cost benefit analysis, financial planning and venture capital connections. He’s the President/Owner of Cien Marketing in Miami as well. Nelson comes with a strong pedigree from Harvard with a BA Economics and Vanderbilt with his MBA.

Trish is an invaluable part of the daily operations here at The Grocery Runners. She comes from an extensive background of delivery and logistics, most notably Ride Rite. She is responsible for hiring and training our driver fleet, driver scheduling, as well as handling quality control to ensure all deliveries are always perfect!

Nicole rounds out the TGR team as HR Director responsible for all organizational & policy development for the company. She has over 19 years experience from Procter & Gamble, where she’s spent the last seven in HR Recruiting & Talent Management.


How did you come up with the idea?

In 2015 my mother had suffered some health issues and began using the curbside pickup services at Kroger as shopping was now a difficult chore. She would then ask me to drive to Kroger to pick up her curbside order. On one of the many trips to pick up her curbside goods, I realized that there were probably many people who would like to have their curbside groceries taken the final step, delivered, to their front door.

What are your plans to grow and scale the business?

Our business model is such that it works well regardless of location, so our goal is to expand to as many cities and serve as many retailers as possible.

We are currently delivering in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and South Dakota. We are in talks with retailers in at least 4 other states and in Canada. Our plans are to continue establishing partnerships and continue growing our customer base!

How is TGR different from Shipt or Instacart?

Shipt and Instacart are personal shopping services where they pick your groceries for you and deliver. The biggest complaint we’ve heard from their former customers is that they don’t like the quality of produce selected by personal shoppers. Plus, when you add in their markup and subscription fees, it becomes a very costly service. Our consumers like to pick select items on-line, and simply have them delivered for one low delivery fee.

Letter to Investors:

Dear Investors,

I'm so excited to let you know about The Grocery Runners expansion!

We are proud to say we have been delivering groceries straight to people’s front doors since 2015. Our consumers are passionate about grocery delivery and love our service! Our drivers have become like family and often get compliments, hugs, and it’s not unusual for a mom or a senior citizen to bake a plate of cookies or cakes for us.

Both of our clients - the retailers and consumers - rely on our customer service. So, in the last three years, we’ve perfected our business model with a goal of delivering smiles for every consumer.

Most exciting is that we are growing fast! Our phone keeps ringing from retailers across the nation wanting to know how they can bring delivery capability to their stores.

I welcome you to join our family as investor and be a part of the The Grocery Runners journey towards expansion across the nation.

Thanks so much!

- Bryan Melendez, CEO, Founder

Questions or Comments?

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Grocery Runners

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