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I have enormous faith in Ernest.
Wendy N.


I know and trust the principal and I am backing his idea!
Robert W.

Milon L.

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Electric Motorcycles

Charlotte, NC
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Terms of the Offering

The Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) is a popular option new companies raising capital. Shandoka is offering future equity shares in their company. Before investing, please review the full terms of the SAFE Agreement.

Target Raise: Minimum $25.0K, up to $250.0K

Minimum Investment: $100.00

Post-money Valuation: $10.0M. This means speculating the company will be worth more than this amount in the future. Since your investment will be against this valuation cap, it would result in a higher percentage of ownership, compared to the later round investors who would be investing against a higher valuation.

Cancellation Policy

Like all campaigns on our platform, if Shandoka does not reach its funding goal, you will be notified via email from both Wunderfund and the company and receive a full refund for your investment (minus any escrow operation fees with said company). For more information, please check out our risks and cancellation information in our FAQ.