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Deal Highlights. Already raised $750,000 in 2020. NIH grant recipient. convertible note at $1,000, Two Forbes 30 under 30 founders

A Connected Purpose

Forbes 30 Under 30 2018
Dalton Shaull Former University of
Iowa football player;
Nerve transplant
Forbes 30 under 30 (2018)
Eric Pahl Health Informatics 
Doctoral Candidate
 Family history
 of liver failure
 Forbes 30 Under 30 (2018)
Omni Life connecting the marketplace of human organ and tissues to reduce waste lower cost and save lives. A Collaboration & Communication Platform that Empowers Healthcare Workers. OmniLife Connects the Supply and Demand Marketplace of Human Organ, Tissue, and the Greater Biologics Industries.
organ waste utilization of authorized organs for donation. 54% of organs unused. 40,676 organs discarded every year 30% of U.S. deaths prevented by organ replacement
Kidney Disease Alone needs innovation that could make a dent in costs total medicare spending $113 billion $1 of every $5 medicare/medicaid budget
All the waste stems from the breakdown in communication across the transplant supply chain
frontline staff have so many tasks to manage provider to provider communication becomes highly inefficient
The solution omnilife platform
1. Connect OmniLife facilitates two-sided market dynamics from supply of organs & tissues to demand from hospitals, processors, research, etc. with a secure messaging and information exchange (APIs)
2. Automate Automate communication and documentation with intelligent checklist and alerts.
3. Improve Providers leverage custom reports built with real-time data for continuous quality and process improvement, decrease risk, and increase revenue with more accurate documentation of claimable expenses
donor tracker. providers can now share important case updates with anyone in real-time automatically as they progress
National Intitute of Health Small Business Innovation Research Funded NIH SBIR OmniLife organs transplanted
Huge tailwinds in the organ, tissue, human biologics industries diabetes largest & fastest growing disease populations significant waste billions in savings cms organ procurement organization performance
The industry for Connected healthcare marketplace is massive clinical care management connected healthcare esrd/ckd care management biologics and therapeutics organ / tissue transplant


Nick Jones, PHD Director of Engineering
Gary Ditsch Director of Product Livongo Retrofit
Greg Janes, MBA Chief Marketing Officer Cardinal Health
Bob Emery, MD, FACC Chief Scientific Officer Minneapolis Heart Institute LifeSource


manny villafana, PhD. Successful serial entrepreneur. 7 IPOs and acquisitions in healthcare. Founder of St. Jude Medical Abbott
Dr. Ben Hippen, MD, transplant, esrd, dialysis, advisor. Metrolina. Fresenius, Atrium Health.
Angie Korsun, RN, MSN, MPA Transplant Advisor Banner Health
Paul Winandy WebPT CEO
Bluegrass Angels Desert Angels Plains Angels Wellmark Boston harbor Angels Iowa Lakes Corridor CarePro Health Dakota Venture Group

HealthTech Solutions (dba OmniLife) is offering a convertible debt note in the company. With an investment you're expecting the company to increase the company's value beyond the valuation cap of $7,000,000 going into their next round of financing of equity, which they plan to achieve before the maturity date of January 31, 2024.

Upon that financing event, the company will redeem your investment amount  in the equivalent amount of shares at a 20% discount. That means that you'll be paying 80% of the par value of the shares as a bonus for investing today.

Before investing, please review the full terms of the offering memorandum, subscriptino agreement, and related documents. 

As an investor, you should expect to hold your investment for the long-term, because your investment is not liquid until the company is acquired, conducts an IPO,  or has some other liquidity or financing event. 

If you have any questions, please post them to the Comments Section tab above. 

*Your investment amount will round down to the nearest dollar.

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Previous investor
Lee D.

Thomas W.

Brandie R.

Richard F.

Peguy D.

Nicole S.

Trey R.
David H.

Dalton S.

Eric's my nephew
Dao K.

Kevin S.

This is a real clinical problem and their solutions will make a incredible difference in the system and patient's lives.
John E.

Brent B.

Have known the CEO since he was in high school and worked for my wife.
Reginalde R.

Clare F.
Jean A.

F.T. S.

Want to be apart of something good
Steven S.

I believe in the mission and the founders.

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Organ Donor Tracker: A Healthcare Saas Platform

Lexington, KY

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Terms of the Offering

OmniLife is offering common equity in the company. By investing in the company, you're expecting we'll increase the company worth beyond the valuation below.

Before investing, please review the full terms of the offering memorandum and related documents. As a shareholder, you should expect to hold your shares for the long-term, because your investment is not liquid until the company is acquired, conducts an IPO, or has some other liquidity event.

*Your investment amount will round down to the nearest whole share

None Valuation: $7.0M.

Target Raise: $25.0K, up to $250.0K

Minimum Investment: $1,000.00 (for 2000 shares minimum at $0.50/share)

Cancellation Policy

Like all campaigns on our platform, if OmniLife does not reach its funding goal, you will be notified via email from both Wunderfund and the company and receive a full refund for your investment (minus any escrow operation fees with said company). For more information, please check out our risks and cancellation information in our FAQ.